Sunday, May 1, 2011

Italian Memorial Sculpture, 1820-1940, by Sandra Berresford

Recently I borrowed this item through the ClevNet Library Consortium. It is a book entitled: Italian Memorial Sculpture, 1820-1940. The author is Sandra Berresford, and photographers are Robert W. Fichter and Robert Freidus. The book was published in London in 2004 by Frances Lincoln. Also included in this amazing book are essays by James Stevens Curl and Fred S. Licht; and articles by Francesca Bregoli and Franco Sborgi. The photographs are fantastic, and show many examples of the artwork found in several Italian cemeteries. You can read reviews of Italian Memorial Sculpture, 1820-1940 at, where you could also purchase the book.

If you go to the ClevNet listing for the book Italian Memorial Sculpture, 1820-1940, you can click on the icons "Reviews" or "Preview" for more information.

If you purchase, borrow, or read this book, you will be in for a treat, learning much about Italian Art History as well as gaining knowledge about the the beautiful cemeteries of Italy!

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