Monday, August 20, 2018

Mrs. Electa Hutchins, 1844-1897

Electa Hutchins was born  Electa Ruggles. According to U.S. Census records, she was born in Ohio in 1844. On July 25, 1861, Electa Ruggles married John Beaver. This marriage ended, though it is not clear if it was by divorce or death. On March 23, 1865, Electa Beaver married Charles Hutchins. In 1880, Electa Hutchins resided on Market Street in Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio. She had a husband and son, both named Charles. Her daughter was named Dora. The elder Charles Hutchins worked for the U.S. Express Company. The younger Charles Hutchins was most likely Electa's son from her first marriage. It appears that after Electa remarried, her son took on the surname of his stepfather. Mrs. Electa Hutchins died on August 19, 1897. This tombstone at Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery clearly states that Electa was the mother of Charles L. Hutchins. Rest in peace Electa.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

SNGF: Ancestors in the Social Security Death Index

Randy at Genea-Musings has challenged us to learn about ancestors who are listed in the Social Security Death Index. Here are my findings:

My father, Paul Orshoski (1927-1985)  is listed, but my mother, Joyce Parker Orshoski (1931-2010)  is not. My parents are pictured below in a wedding picture from 1950.

The names of Dad's parents, Steve Orshoski (1905-1971) and Emma Yeager Orshoski (1906-1979) are found in the Social Security Death Index. My paternal grandparents are pictured below, shortly before or after they were married.

The name of Grandpa Steve Orshoski's father, Joseph Orshoski (1885-1976) is also found in the Social Security Death Index. Joseph Orshoski, who is my great grandfather, is pictured below with his second wife, Julia Orshoski.

Both Grandpa Joe and my step great grandmother Julia Orshoski were natives of Hungary, and they cherished their adopted new home in America! So, I have found four ancestors in the Social Security Death Index. Thanks for a fun SNGF, Randy!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Elihu Nims, Early Settler of Lyme Township

Elihu Nims was born in 1783 to Asa Nims and his wife the former Mary Worthington in Hampshire County, Massachusetts.  According to the HISTORY OF THE FIRE LANDS, Asa Nims and several of his sons and their families settled in Lyme Township of Huron County, Ohio  in 1827. Sadly, Elihu Nims died shortly after he arrived in Ohio, on August 10, 1827.  He was buried in the Strong's Ridge Cemetery. The weeping willow at the top of Mr. Nims' tombstone symbolized sorrow. Almost 200 years after his death, the inscription of the tombstone of Elihu Nims is clearly legible. Mr. Nims was survived by his wife and several children.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Mrs. Azuba Hoyt Pettibone

Azuba Hoyt was the daughter of Aaron Hoyt and Sophia Brooks, born in Lafayette, New York in 1816. (Some sources say 1817.)  According to Lineage Books from the Daughters of the American Revolution, Azuba traced her lineage back to Noah Hoyt (1753-1827), who served in the Connecticut militia during the Revolutionary War. We read in A STANDARD HISTORY OF ERIE COUNTY, OHIO, by Hewson L. Peeke, that Azuba's first husband was William Latta Turney. Azuba and William Turney had three daughters, Elizabeth, Mary Augusta, and Josephine. Mr. Turney died before 1852, while on a business trip to the west. By 1870, Azuba had married Hiram Pettibone, and they were residing in Portage, Columbia County, Wisconsin, with Azuba's daughter Josephine Turney. Azuba spent her last years living with her daughter, Mrs. Charles Cooke, in Sandusky, Ohio. On July 21, 1907. Mrs. Azuba Hoty Pettibone died in Sandusky. Funeral services for Mrs. Pettibone were held at the residence of Charles E. Cooke, and burial was at Oakland Cemetery. Obituaries for Azuba Hoyt Pettibone appeared in the July 21 and July 24, 1907 issues of the Sandusky Register.