Sunday, September 17, 2017

Mother and Daughter: Mrs. Minnie Duennisch Schaber and Mrs. Lulu M. Shaffer

Both mother and daughter are remembered on this tombstone at Oakland Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio. Minnie A. Duennisch Schaber was born Minnie Brehm, on October 10, 1854. Her parents were William and Elizabeth Brehm. Her sister was Marie Brehm, once a candidate for Vice President of the U.S. on the Prohibition Party ticket. Minnie first married Louis H. Duennisch, in Erie County, Ohio on October 24, 1878. Mr. Duennisch died in 1889, while he was still in his early thirties. Minnie then married Charles F. Schaber, on September 20, 1892. Mrs. Minnie Duennisch Schaber passed away on September 17, 1909, following a lengthy illness.

Lulu Duennisch  (sometimes spelled Denisch) was the youngest child of Minnie and Louis Duennisch, born on January 29, 1889. Lulu was a young infant when her father passed away. Miss Lulu Duennisch married Homer Schaffer. Mrs. Lulu Shaffer died at the age of 47 in Knox County, Ohio, and she was buried in the family lot at Oakland Cemetery.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Christopher A. Fox, 1845-1914

Christopher A. Fox was born in Perkins Township of Erie County, Ohio in 1845 to Alvin Fox and his wife, the former Fanny Johnson. Christopher never married, and he lived all his life on the Fox family farm in Perkins Township. Sadly, he died in a fire  at his home on September 11, 1914. Christopher A. Fox was buried in the Perkins Cemetery. You can read more about the Fox family in biographical sketch about William N. Fox found in Hewson Peeke's A STANDARD HISTORY OF ERIE COUNTY, OHIO.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Belle Dixon Hodgman

According to her death record, Belle Dixon Hodgman was born in Hudson, Michigan, on January 20, 1863, to John and Sarah (Hamley) Dixon. She was the first principal of Campbell School in Sandusky, Ohio. In the summer of 1886, Belle Dixon married G.B. Hodgman, who operated a cooperage in Sandusky for several years. Mrs. Belle Dixon Hodgman died on January 26, 1941, in St. Louis, Missouri. Her remains were brought back to Sandusky, Ohio for burial at Oakland Cemetery. An obituary for Belle Dixon Hodgman appeared in the September 20, 1941 issue of the Sandusky Register Star News. Mrs. Hodgman's death record is on file at the Missouri Digital Heritage website.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cora Textor West, 1870-1954

Cora Textor was born in Sandusky, Ohio in 1870. Her father Albert Textor owned a jewelry store in Sandusky. Cora did not marry until she was forty years of age. In the summer of 1909, Cora Textor married William G. West at his ranch in Petersburg, Virginia. An article  in the Sandusky Star Journal of January 23, 1935 stated that Cora had spent the summer of 1909 on a trip to Europe, and she married Mr. West shortly after her return. William G. West was the son of William T. West and Lydia Mahala (Todd) West, who were prominent Sandusky residents.  Cora and William were the parents of one son, William Textor West, who was born in 1910. William G. West died in April, 1913, at his home in Virginia. In 1915, Cora Textor West was issued a patent for a baby dresser. Below is a drawing from patent number 1,127,139.

By the 1930s, Cora had moved to Hollywood, California, where she resided with her sister, Amanda Textor Moore. Cora Textor West died in California in August of 1954. Her remains were returned to Sandusky, Ohio, and she was buried in the West family lot at Oakland Cemetery.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Declaration of Intention of Joseph Orsocski/Orshoski

My great grandfather Joseph Orsocski/Orshoski filled out this Declaration of Intention at the Clerk of Common Pleas Court in Erie County, Ohio on August 21, 1919. This was not long after his first wife Julia had died, leaving him a widower with six sons. (Later he would marry another young lady of Hungarian descent, also named Julia.)

On this document, Great Grandpa Joe stated that he was a cement worker, residing in Bay Bridge, Ohio. He said that he was born in Vadasz, Hungary in 1885. Later I would learn that he had been baptized in Felsovadasz, Hungary. For some time, I was looking for Vadasz, but Grandpa Joe must have just written down a shortened form of the town of his birth. He stated that he was 5 feet 7 1/2 inches tall, with dark hair, a fair complexion, hazel eyes, and he weighed 155 pounds. He emigrated from Hamburg, Germany on the vessel "Bulgaria" or or about the first day of April, 1901. He stated that he was not an anarchist or a polygamist, and he renounced his allegiance and fidelity to any foreign sovereignty. Great Grandpa Joseph Orshoski was a hard worker, and had a somewhat serious outlook on life, at least in my opinion. I so wish that I asked him more questions about his early life back in Hungary and in the days when his children were young.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mrs. Jane J. Wiggins, 1882-1916

According to her death record, Jane J. Wiggins was born on October 28, 1882 to Alva and Fannie (Davlin) St. John. In the 1910, U.S. Census, Jane was in her twenties, and resided with her parents, and her two younger brothers in Perkins Township, Erie County, Ohio. On October 15, 1915, Jennie J. St. John married Roy Wiggins. Rev. H.A. McClellan of Calvary Church officiated at the wedding.

Sadly, Jane "Jennie" St. John Wiggins passed away at the age of 33, of pulmonary tuberculosis on August 11, 1916.  She was survived by her husband, two young daughters, her parents, a sister, and two brothers. Funeral services were held for Mrs. Jane Wiggins at the home of her parents, with Rev. E.G. Mapes officiating. Burial was at Oakland Cemetery. An obituary for Mrs. Wiggins appeared in the August 11, 1916 issue of the Sandusky Star Journal.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

F.W. Wetherell Died in Cholera Epidemic

Franklin W. Wetherell died August 12, 1849 at the age of 31, during the Cholera Epidemic. His wife Celina had succumbed to cholera just two weeks prior to Mr. Wetherell's death. Both Mr and Mrs F W Wetherell were buried in the family lot at Oakland Cemetery.