Friday, July 3, 2009

Graves Cemetery in Margaretta Township

Graves Cemetery is located in Margaretta Township, south of Castalia, Ohio. As its name would suggest, several people with the surname Graves are buried here.

Emily and Alice Graves were sisters, the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Erasmus Graves. According to the obituary of Miss Emily Graves, found in the 1934 Obituary Notebook at the Sandusky Library, her father was one of the earliest settlers of Erie County, and he platted the Graves Cemetery. Alice Graves died in 1927, and Emily Graves died in 1934.

A large monument in memory of the Bardwell and Graves families is found towards the back of the Graves Cemetery.

To the left of this monument are three stones:

Sarah Ann Graves, wife of James G. Snowden
1835-1916 (Sarah Ann Bardwell was married first to William L. Graves)

William L. Graves

Effie M. Daughter of W.L. And S.A. Graves

To the right of the Bardwell-Graves monument are two stones honoring the parents of Sarah:

Salmon D. Bardwell


Lucy A. Bardwell

On the northern edge of the Graves Cemetery is a lovely blackberry tree, which was laden with berries at the time of my visit.

More details about the individuals buried at Graves Cemetery can be found by viewing the microfilmed records of Erie County cemeteries at the Archives Research Center of the Sandusky Library. The Graves Cemetery records are on the reel containing the films of the note cards from cemeteries of Margaretta Township.

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