Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sandusky References at the Fulton History Website

Thousands of historical New York State newspapers can be searched at the Fulton History website. Click on the FAQ at the top right portion of the website to read more about this amazing website, including the ground rules and searching tips. I found many, many hits when I entered in the search term Sandusky, along with other key words. Some of the "hits" I got related to Sandusky are:

  • An article from the New York Herald from the fall of 1852 which discusses the fugitive slave case in Sandusky, Ohio in which Rush R. Sloane represented seven runaway slaves.

  • An article from the April 19, 1904 issue of the Binghamton Press which reported on President Theodore Roosevelt's appointment of Charles A. Judson to the post of Collector of Customs at the Port of Sandusky and James A. Melville appointment to the position of Postmaster.

  • A brief front page article from the Ithaca Daily News of June 4, 1913, carried a front page article about the fear that Harry Atwood, an early aviator, may have been lost in Lake Erie.(It turns out he was not.)

  • An article which reported that welterweight champion Jack Britton defeated Ray Bronson in a ten round bout at Cedar Point appeared in the September 7, 1920 issue of the Poughkeepsie Eagle-News.

Check out this valuable local history resource to see if there is information pertaining to your family!

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Nan500 said...

Wow! Excellent work! I hope I can record my family's history with as much detail and fervor!