Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Signs You Have GOCD

Randy at Genea-Musings has given us another mission for tonight's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun. It is:

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (and I hope that all of you do!), is to:

1) Read Michael John Neill's post 10 Signs You Have Genealogy OCD (come on, give Michael some link love).

2) Make up any number of sentences that will add to his list of signs that you have Genealogy OCD. From one to many, no limit!

3) Share your ingenuity and humor with us in your own blog post, in Comments to this post, in comments to Michael's post, or in a comment on Google Plus or Facebook.


Mine are:

You Know You Have GOCD when:
  1. Every time your grandson sees a cemetery, he says, “My grandma took me there.”
  2. A subscription to Archives.Com is one of your favorite birthday gifts.
  3. You have the phone number to the library at the R.B. Hayes Presidential Center on speed dial.
  4. You would rather go cemetery hopping than to the shopping mall.
  5. All your co-workers know you love to research “dead people.”
  6. Your Windows Live gallery is filled with pictures of tombstones.
  7. Your favorite television show is Who Do You Think You Are?
  8. Over half your friends on Facebook are fellow genies.
  9. Your nieces and nephews in a three-county area know that you are the one to contact for their family history assignment.
  10. Before almost every dinner out, a trip to the cemetery is in order.

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Greta Koehl said...

Ouch! Some of those hit home!