Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Schade Mylander Mausoleum in December

The persons honored at this mausoleum at Oakland Cemetery are Dr. Lester Mylander and his wife Christine Schade Mylander. (Other members of their family are also entombed here.) Dr. Lester Mylander died on March 1, 1970. Mrs. Christine Mylander passed away January 7, 1983. Christine Mylander's father was a prominent business man in Sandusky, George J. Schade. Christine was the granddaughter of Jacob Kuebeler, co-owner of the Kuebeler Brewing Company with his brother August Kuebeler.

The son of Dr. Lester Mylander is George Mylander, who is a retired educator, former Erie County Commissioner, philanthropist, and civic leader who is active in many community organizations.

The Schade Mylander Mausoleum is decorated with a holiday wreath during the Christmas season. You will also see the names Schade Mylander in downtown Sandusky at the Schade Mylander Plaza, a focal point for community activities in Sandusky.