Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sentimental Sunday: Cousins at a Picnic

Above are several great grandchildren Andrew and Lena Yeager on the occasion of Grandma Yeager's birthday in 1961. Pictured are: Back row:Paul Orshoski, Jr., Danny or Jimmy Kurtz; Denise Kurtz; Bruce Orshoski., with has hand to his head; Steve Orshoski standing right behind his brother Scott ; Dorene Orshoski.
Front row: Paul Orshoski, Sr., holding Mike Orshoski, Kim Orshoski, Robin Orshoski, Debbie Grams, Susan Orshoski, Richard Grams and Debbie Orshoski. At this time Wayne and Betty Orshoski lived in the house that is seen behind the large group. To the right of the swing, was the home of Paul and Joyce Orshoski, Wayne's brother and sister in law. It was really have to have cousins live next door.

Below is a collage of snapshots from the family picnic (seen previously in this blog.)

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