Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Paul and Maribel Parker

Paul Parker was the youngest son of Leroy and Ada Steen Parker. He enjoyed helping his father on the family farm. In 1937, Paul Parker married Maribel Storrs. Paul and Maribel are pictured below at a family picnic in the 1950's at the home of Paul's niece, Joyce Orshoski.

Paul and Maribel were both descended from pioneer settlers of Perkins Township. They had only one child, a baby girl named Shirley, who died in infancy, in 1941. Paul's niece recalls that his nickname was "Day" or "Scribby," and that everyone loved Paul. He had a terrific sense of humor.

In 1951, Paul was involved in a serious accident that left him paralyzed for several months. He recovered, but he never went back to work after that. He enjoyced riding a bicycle, and doing woodwork projects. Paul Parker died on April 17, 1967 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Sandusky, Ohio, following an illness of several months. He was buried in Perkins Cemetery. Maribel Storrs Parker died in 1979.

Paul is pictured below, visiting with Cliff Lindsley at a family picnic. Cliff's sister Florence married Paul's brother Glenn Parker.

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