Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ohio Genealogy: Ohio Online Death Certificate Index

The website of the Ohio Historical Society hosts the Ohio Online Death Certificate Index. The years covered are: 1913 through 1944. The database is free, and no registration is required. In the Basic Search, a surname and last name can be searched. Two different date spans are offered:



The Advanced Search allows more variations, including searching by just a first name,and an individual year, month, and date may be entered. Below are the search results when I entered the surname Cross and limited the search to Erie County, Ohio for the years 1913-1935.

While the collection entitled Ohio Deaths 1908-1953 is a vital component of Family Search Labs, the Ohio Online Death Certificate Index is a user friendly database that provides an alternative search tool for locating information about Ohio Deaths.


Lori H said...

The FamilySearch site has been so valuable for my research. I haven't checked out this site yet though. Gives me something else to look at today! :)

Linda Hughes Hiser said...

I use them both. Often I can't find a specific surname I am looking for and it is because it has been transcribed incorrectly or the name is wrong the the death certificate. When I can't find the name on one site, it noodle around with the name on the other. I especially like seeing the actual death certificate and it's FREE!!!

Dorene from Ohio said...

I use them both too! Sometimes I am working at a computer that doesn't have the correct flash plug-in for Family Search Labs, and the Ohio Online Index is so basic, that I can always gain access to it.