Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thomas Francis Larkins

To the left, Thomas Larkins appears in a four generation photo with his daughter, Irene Larkins Risko, granddaughter Doris Wheeler Parker, and great granddaughter Joyce Parker, who later married Paul Orshoski, Sr.

Thomas Francis Larkins was born in 1869 to Irish immigrants Patrick Larkins and Bridget Ryan Larkins. Both Thomas and his father worked for the railroad in Sandusky, and later Thomas worked as a nickel plater, repairing bicycles and sewing machines. He sold “Ohio” bicycles at his shop as well. In 1912, Thomas F. Larkins was issued a patent for a Music Leaf Turner, was can be viewed online at Google Patents.

Thomas married Mary Louise Cross, known as Lulu or Lula,and they had three children, Edwin, who died in infancy, and Irene and Thomas Arthur Larkins. After Mary Louise (called Lou) died in 1912, Thomas married again, to a woman of German descent, Emma Leicke. Emma was beloved by the Larkins grandchildren and great grandchildren.

In his later years, Thomas F. Larkins suffered a stroke, and was cared for by his daughter Irene, at the same time his granddaughter Doris was dying of cancer. Thomas Francis Larkins died on September 11, 1944, and is buried in St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio, near his first wife, Mary Louise Cross Larkins, a descendant of Charles Cross..

Though the tombstone for Thomas Larkins gives his birth as 1879, that was an error. His death certificate states he was born in 1869.

Below is a transcript of an article about a birthday party for Mr. Larkins when he turned thirty years old. The article was found in the March 3, 1899 issue of the Sandusky Star.

Pleasant Birthday Anniversary

Mr. Thomas Larkins of Madison Street
entertained his friends to the number of
35 last evening, the event being his
thirtieth birthday anniversary. Music,
singing and dancing was indulged in
until a late hour. Refreshments, including
all the delicacies of the season,
were served at midnight.


Lisa / Smallest Leaf said...

Thanks for sharing about your Larkins side of the family, Dorene. What fun to find the description of that birthday party in the newspaper!


Dorene from Ohio said...

My mom always said that her Grandpa Larkins was really tender hearted!