Saturday, February 7, 2009

Catholic Cemeteries of Sandusky

The office of the Catholic Cemeteries of Sandusky maintains three cemeteries. Early German Catholics in Sandusky were usually buried in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, located on the west side of Mills Street in Sandusky.

The earliest members of the parishes of Holy Angels Church and Saints Peter and Paul Church in Sandusky were usually buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery, located on the east side of Mills Street in Sandusky. Many surnames of Irish and Italian descent are found in this cemetery.

Rev. Patrick J. Shea, who was born in Kilkenny, Ireland,in 1838, and died on July 13, 1908, is honored with this monument at St. Joseph's Cemetery.

As the population of Sandusky kept growing, a new Catholic Cemetery was created in the late 1920's. Calvary Cemetery is located at the intersection of Tiffin Avenue, Sanford Street, and Venice Road in Sandusky, adjacent to the Mills Street Golf Course.

Several records for persons buried at Calvary Cemetery are available at FindaGrave.

The three photographs pictured above were taken at Calvary Cemetery. On the grounds of Calvary Cemetery is the office for Catholic Cemeteries of Sandusky. During the winter months, children are often seen sledding on the hill that is located between Calvary Cemetery and Mills Creek, while in the spring and summer, golfers enjoy the Mills Creek Golf Course. The contrast between the peaceful serenity of the Catholic cemeteries, and the active participants of sporting activities causes us to reflect that both life and death are part of the natural course of human life.


Reference Services said...

I love the enlarged view of the angel!

Kenny Dee said...

I've been looking for a complete list of burials at these cemeteries. I notice that you linked but even FindAGrave is not complete as users add names of their relatives, and several others will go un-notice cause of distant relatives like myself who I believe have some Italian ancestry that are bury at one or more of these cemeteries. Is there another resource?

Dorene from Ohio said...

Sandusky Library has microfilmed copies of cemetery records, that go up to the 1980s, but I am not aware of a resource that has 100% complete listings of burials. It is probably best to contact the office of the cemetery where you think your ancestor may be buried, or look at the burial location on each individual's death record or obituary.

Unknown said...

I love this site and hope to find most of my relatives. Its a wonderful tool.

Thank you,

Mark Carruthers