Sunday, September 17, 2017

Mother and Daughter: Mrs. Minnie Duennisch Schaber and Mrs. Lulu M. Shaffer

Both mother and daughter are remembered on this tombstone at Oakland Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio. Minnie A. Duennisch Schaber was born Minnie Brehm, on October 10, 1854. Her parents were William and Elizabeth Brehm. Her sister was Marie Brehm, once a candidate for Vice President of the U.S. on the Prohibition Party ticket. Minnie first married Louis H. Duennisch, in Erie County, Ohio on October 24, 1878. Mr. Duennisch died in 1889, while he was still in his early thirties. Minnie then married Charles F. Schaber, on September 20, 1892. Mrs. Minnie Duennisch Schaber passed away on September 17, 1909, following a lengthy illness.

Lulu Duennisch  (sometimes spelled Denisch) was the youngest child of Minnie and Louis Duennisch, born on January 29, 1889. Lulu was a young infant when her father passed away. Miss Lulu Duennisch married Homer Schaffer. Mrs. Lulu Shaffer died at the age of 47 in Knox County, Ohio, and she was buried in the family lot at Oakland Cemetery.

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