Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sentimental Sunday: The Kromer Barn at Lyme Village

Recently I took my grandsons to Lyme Village, where we saw the Kromer Barn, which once stood in Perkins Township, and was dismantled and rebuilt at Lyme Village. My Steen, Milner, Parker, and House ancestors all resided on farms in Perkins Township, Erie County Ohio, before the land was sold to the U.S. Government for a munitions factory for the war effort in the early 1940s. Seeing this barn and its contents helped me know what my ancestors' barns may have contained. Outside the barn was an old wheel.

Inside the barn there was an old sleigh

and a vintage tricycle.

Andreas Kromer's remains were removed from his original resting place at the old Perkins Cemetery to the St. Mary's Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio.

It is a blessing to me to see that so many pieces of Erie County history remain for us to see today.

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