Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Verse in Honor of Sandusky Pioneers

According to an article in the December 31, 1922 issue of the Sandusky Register, this verse was found in an old scrapbook in Sandusky. It was authored by someone whose initials were J.H., and it was dedicated to the pioneers of Sandusky. The verse reads:


    I welcome you
Who seek your fortune in the
Within my sheltering bay your
    ships shall ride
Secure from storms; and foreign
Shall enter bringing trade. - No
    life of ease
I offer you, but rich reward for
Hewn from my sandstone, may
    Your dwellings rise
Substantial; built on solid rock,
    so that
Your children's children still may
    dwell in them.
My woods shall furnish you with
    oak and walnut
That endure and grow more
    beautiful with years.
My fields are fertile, offering
    ample yield
Of grains and fruits; my winter
    snows shall wrap
Your what from cold; and sum-
    mer suns shall warm
And sweeten grapes upon the
    vine. While in
The waters of my lake the fish
    shall thrive
To furnish food and source of
Within my borders may your sons
    grow strong,
Straight as my oaks, and firm in
As the stone whereon you build
    So may
They do you honor, you, my pioneers.



Several of my mother's ancestors, on both her paternal and maternal side, were early residents of Erie County, Ohio. This simple verse reminds me of how rich the natural resources were in Ohio in the 1800s, and how the early settlers truly lived off the land. The natural harbor of Sandusky provided a place for ships to bring them goods from far away. I truly love living in northern Ohio, and I am thankful for having found this lovely tribute to Sandusky's pioneers. Without the endurance of my ancestors who settled in Erie County, I wouldn't be here today!

To read about my the journey of my ancestors, Julius and Percy House, from Connecticut to Ohio by oxen train, see the June 1865 issue of the "Firelands Pioneer," which is available at many larger Ohio libraries.

(Note: Image from Henry Howe's HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS OF OHIO. )


Bill West said...

J.H.? Is it possible it was your ancestor Julius House? Interesting poem, and a great post, Thanks for sharing it, Dorene!

Dorene from Ohio said...

Hi Bill,

I sort of think that it is not my ancestor, but it would be great if it really were! Thanks so much for hosting the Poetry Challenge! And Happy Thanksgiving to you!