Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh how I love my Kodak Easy Share!

Since 2006, I have been taking digital pictures with a Kodak Easy Share C703. Even though I am very much an amateur photographer, it is very simple to use. Most of the time I store my digital photos at Dropshots, a user-friendly sharing service that offers both free and premium accounts. Usually I just point and shoot. On occasion I use the close up setting on my camera. The tombstone for William Macrelli at St. Joseph Cemetery featured an image of young William.

With the close up setting, I was able to zoom in on the image, which shows a sweet young boy holding a kitten.

Before my blogging buddy, Terry Thornton, passed away, I was able to take a video with my Kodak Easy Share. I captured the band playing "Dixie" at the 100 Year Rededication Ceremony of the Bronze Monument to the Confederate Soldiers at Johnson's Island. It is surely not the most professional job, but I was able to send Terry the link of the band playing "Dixie." Click here to view the video on YouTube. Since my husband has many ancestors from the South, I have a soft spot in my heart for soldiers who served in both the North and the South during the Civil War. Terry always appreciated my fondness for Southern hospitality, which was so graciously shown us by Tom's aunts, uncles, and cousins in Georgia throughout our lives during our visits to the South.

For editing my digital pictures, I use both the Kodak Easy Share software, as well as the editing feature of the Windows Live Photo Gallery on my desktop computer. With the Kodak Easy Share software, I can fix red eyes, crop, change color and scene balance, and add text. I added text to the image below, to share the picture with my family and friends, and allow them to know the names of the Little Leaguers.

Another editing tool I use is the Spotlight feature, seen in the picture of the angel at the Perkins Cemetery, where my parents are buried.

The editing features in the Windows Live Photo Gallery allows me to straighten pictures, crop, fix red eye, and adjust exposure, color, and detail. In the picture of the Marblehead Lighthouse, I changed the color of the whole image to a sepia tone.

There is so much more that I need to learn about digital photography, but these are a few of the ways I use my beloved Kodak Easy Share!


S. Lincecum said...

I use a Kodak Easy Share, too! Most of my photo editing is done with Google's Picasa.

Gale Wall said...

Me too! I have 2 of them. But the first one I bought in 2004 is my cemetery camera and still going strong. I don't like the new ones without the eye viewer because sunny days make the it hard to see the LCD. I have a photograph blog to and have my cameras on the GEAR page. Stop by! For cemetery photos I also use Picasa like Stephanie. For my photography I use PSE 8. Okay, enough of my ramblings :)

Dorene from Ohio said...

Thanks so much for your tips!

Family Curator said...

Great post Doreen. I love reading how you put that little camera to work!

FranE said...

Makes me feel I should be able to take pictures with my easy click camera. Now if I could just hold still.:)

Dorene from Ohio said...

Believe me, I have plenty of "bloopers" in my photo collection!
I try to count to 3 when I hold
down the button, and that helps steady the camera a bit.

Anonymous said...

Great post!

I used to have an Easy Share but it has been retired in favor of my iPhone camera. I'm always taking photos when I least expect to be!

I really love the closeup of the boy with a kitten. What a unique gravestone!