Monday, December 26, 2011

Mary "Mollie" Larkins Weis

Mary "Mollie" Larkins was my great great grandaunt, the sister of my great great grandfather Thomas F. Larkins. Aunt Mollie was born on March 8, 1872 to Patrick Larkins and Bridget Ryan Larkins. (Her tombstone, however, reads 1873 as the year of her birth.) She was the fifth of the seven Larkins children, all baptized into the Catholic faith. In September of 1899, Mollie Larkins married Solomon Schlenk. Solomon Schlenk died on January 14, 1909, when he was only 41 years of age, leaving Mollie a young widow.

Between 1920 and 1930, Mollie Larkins Schlenk married John J. Weis. They lived on McDonough Street in Sandusky, Ohio. Mollie Weis passed away on December 26, 1938. Sadly, her husband John J. Weis, and her brother, John Larkins, had both died previously in the same year that Mollie died. Mollie and John J. Weis are buried at St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio. What a sad Christmas for the Larkins family, to lose Mollie the day after Christmas.

Below is a family picture (of poor quality, I'm afraid) of several Larkins family members. Aunt Mollie is the short lady standing beside her brother Tom.

Mollie's sister in law, Mary Louise Cross Larkins, and her niece Irene Larkins, are pictured in the front row of the family picture.

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