Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sentimental Sunday: The Old Gates to Medusa in Bay Bridge

These gates (click on image above for a larger view) used to be the place where vehicles from Russell Trucking carried out loads and loads of Medusa Portland Cement. Tired men, covered in dust, would walk through these gates at the end of the work day to go home for supper, or down to the local bar for a cold beer. On occasion these gates to the old Medusa Cement Company, in the unincorporated area of Erie County known as Bay Bridge, are still open. The gates provide access for railroad employees to reach the tracks for repair, and they are also used by law enforcement officials on occasion.

You can still read the address on the mailbox:

Medusa Cement Co.
109 Sandusky Ave.
Sandusky, O.

The gates are not exactly welcoming to vistors!

A marker down the road from the gates of the former Medusa Cement Company recalls the history of the beginning of this operation, which was the first factory for Medusa. Click here to see a picture of some of the "twenty-five year men" from Medusa in the 1950's.

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