Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dr. Eben S. Lane

In Helen Hansen's AT HOME IN EARLY SANDUSKY, we read that Ebenezer Shaw Lane was born in August 1819 to Ebenezer Lane and Frances Ann Griswold Lane. When young Ebenezer (later called Eben, probably to avoid confusion with his father) was only two years old, the family moved from Elyria to Norwalk, by horseback. Dr. Eben Lane was in partnership with Dr. Aaron Austin and Dr. I. P. Randell in 1844. During the cholera epidemic of 1849, Dr. Lane worked tirelessly.

Pallas Anderson, daughter of Sandusky's first physician, Dr. George Anderson, became the wife of Dr. Lane. In 1870, Dr. Lane moved his family to Chicago. Dr. Eben S. Lane died in Chicago on January 3, 1893. He is buried in Block 11 of Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery. Several members of the Lane family are in this section, with identical tombstones.

The former home of Dr. Eben S. Lane is pictured on page 56 of AT HOME IN EARLY SANDUSKY. The home, located at 318 Huron Avenue in Sandusky, was later occupied by Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hudson.

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