Saturday, August 20, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History: Smells

The prompt for Week 34 of 52 Weeks of Personal History & Genealogy, by Amy Coffin of We Tree, and hosted by Geneabloggers, is: Smells

Describe any smells that take you back to childhood. These could be from meals, fragrant gardens, musty basements, or something entirely different.

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I must say that the distinct smell of Vicks VapoRub takes me back to my childhood. When any of us six children had the sniffles, Mom would put Vicks on our upper lip, so we could inhale the vapors. If we had a bad cough, she would put it on our chest, and cover it with flannel, to help us feel better. When the baby of the house was congested, Mom would put Vicks in the vaporizer, and place it close to the baby's crib all through the night. I still use Vicks sometimes, and it never fails to take me back to the "good old days"!

To read about the history of products made by Vicks, see the interactive timeline online.

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Nancy said...

My experiences are almost identical to yours. One funny incident I remember about Vicks: at my mom's direction, I put some under my nose. A short while later we sat down to dinner. Within a minute, she told me I needed to get up and get a tissue instead of letting my nose run. She probably had too many things on her mind.... Thanks for sharing.