Thursday, August 4, 2011

Andrew Lytle

Andrew Lytle died on July 21, 1856, and he is buried in Oakland Cemetery. His stone has a chain with three links, which is an emblem associated with the International Order of Odd Fellows and symbolizes friendship, love, and truth. The nine pointed star on Andrew Lytle's tombstone may be a reference to the 8th degree of the Scottish Rite, a Masonic organization. Andrew Lytle appears in the Erie County 1850 Census, and his occupation was listed as a bookkeeper. His wife's name was Amanda. FamilySearch pulls up a marriage between Andrew Lytle and Amanda Blakster in Lorain County, Ohio on August 15, 1838.


brenda said...

the stone looks like it says august

fluffy said...

It is possible that the star is a masonic reference. There was an Andrew or andreas Lytle that was a memeber of the local MAsonic lodge at that time.

Judy Shenk said...

Andrew Lytle was married to my great-grandmother, Amanda Blakesley (Perley, Mary)and they ran a tavern in Portland, Ohio. After his death, she remarried my great-grandfather and gave birth to my grandmother at the age of 45. As far as I know, Amanda and Andrew had no children; my grandmother was raised as an only child.