Thursday, August 11, 2011

Infant Daughters of Austin and Eliza Ferry

This double gravestone in Block 9 of Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery honors the memory of the infant daughters of Austin and Eliza Ferry. Alla Bell Ferry died at age nine months, and she was buried at Oakland Cemetery on August 7, 1856. Lizzie Ferry died at age three months, and she was buried at Oakland on August 1, 1861. The babies' mother, Eliza Muenscher Ferry died not many years later, in 1866, but she was interred at the Kenyon College Cemetery in Knox County, Ohio. The grandparents of the two little baby girls of Austin and Eliza Ferry were the Rev. Joseph Muenscher, an Episcopalian minister, and his wife, the former Ruth Washburn. The base of the tombstones of Lizzie and Alla Bell Ferry is incribed with a verse from the Bible, a portion of Luke 18:16:

Suffer the little children to come unto me.

(Note: The tombstone inscription states that the babies were the children of A. and L. Ferry. Though court records listed Austin Ferry's wife name as Eliza, it is possible that she also was known as Liza or Lizzie.)

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