Monday, August 22, 2011

Marion Cemetery

The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Chapel was dedicated on August 22, 1888 at the Marion Cemetery in Marion, Ohio. Former Civil War General William H. Gibson gave the dedication. You can read more about the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Chapel at the historical sites section of the Marion Cemetery's website. (Click on the image above for a larger view.)

This beautiful stone, which features a sculpture of a mourning female, honors the memory of Edward D. Leach, who passed away in 1916.

The receiving vault at the Marion Cemetery was the temporary resting place for President Warren G. Harding. President Harding died in 1923, and his remains were placed in the vault while the Harding Memorial was being built. The Harding Memorial is the final resting place of President Harding and his wife Florence Kling Harding, who died in 1924.

The receiving vault was restored in 1993 as part of an Eagle Scout project, with help from the Scout's family, the community, and the Marion Cemetery Association.

There are hundreds of historic tombstones in Marion, Ohio. The Harding Memorial, Marion Cemetery, St. Mary's Cemetery, and Veterans Memorial Park are all within close proximity to each other, at the intersection of Vernon Heights Boulevard and Route 423.

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Visit the gallery of the Marion Cemetery Association's online site, to view historic images of the Marion Cemetery, and a 1905 booklet about the Marion Cemetery. The Ohio Historical Society features an informational page with history of both the Harding Home and Memorial.

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