Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Milan Cemetery

The Milan Cemetery is located south of Milan's Town Square, on South Edison Street in Milan, Ohio. In the image below, the Hastings Memorial Chapel and the Hoover monument can be seen. Isaac W. Hoover died on March 4, 1941, at the age of 96. He is buried along with many members of the extended Hoover family at the Milan Cemetery.

I.W. Hoover was the inventor of the Hoover Potato Digger, which was an innovative piece of agricultural equipment that was used all over the United States in the late 1800's. You can read more about the Hoover Potato Digger by viewing a vintage catalog at the Internet Archive.

Of course, Milan, Ohio is also known as the birthplace of famous inventor Thomas A. Edison. The streetlights in the town square remind us of Edison's well known improvents made to the electric lamp. While Thomas A. Edison is not buried in Milan Cemetery, several of his family members are buried in Milan.

An online database of Milan Cemetery Grave Records is a valuable tool for genealogists. To access the database by surname, just enter the surname in the middle search box, and then click Go.

After entering the surname in the middle search box, click on the down arrow in the bottom search box, to view all the individuals with a given surname.

Below is the burial record of Carlisle S. Edison, the older brother of Thomas A. Edison, who died when he was just six years old. The record indicates the exact location of his burial site, and provides a link to an image of his tombstone as well.

If you have ancestors buried in Milan Cemetery, be sure to check out the online resources of the Milan Cemetery before visiting the cemetery. Having maps and burial locations already determined will make your visit effortless! If you do get a chance to visit the Milan Cemetery, be sure to spend a few moments enjoying the Galpin Wildlife Sanctuary, located at the southeastern portion of the Milan Cemetery.

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