Friday, June 17, 2011

Dad's Brief Conversations with the Head Librarian

My first job after graduating from college, was working at the Sandusky Library. I was so exited to have a full-time job, with benefits, and I was thrilled at the $6,000 annual salary! On occasion, my dad would stop by the library to see if I could go to lunch with him. Dad was a plumber and pipe-fitter, and he often worked in the downtown Sandusky area. Dad wore a shirt with his name on it. Not only was his collar blue, but his whole shirt was blue! In the family picture below, I am wearing a plaid sweater vest, and standing next to my dad in his work clothes. (My husband and I were newlyweds at this time, and he is standing on the other side of me. Click on the image for a larger view.)

So, my dad, who only went to school until Grade 10, would go up to Miss McCann's office at the library, with no appointment, and he would say to her, "Miss McCann, do you think you could let Dorene go to lunch with me at 11:30 instead of Noon?" Miss McCann, had her Master's Degree, was well known in the community, and she was definitely in charge of the Sandusky Library! Even though my lunch break was scheduled at Noon, she always said "Yes" to my Dad's request for me to have an early lunch break. Dad was not intimidated by Miss McCann's degrees, or by the fact that he was a blue-collar worker, and she was a well experienced professional librarian. It was a simpler time, and I am glad to have had such good, kind folks looking out for me! Both Dad and Miss Mary McCann are gone now, but I have wonderful memories of them both.


Greta Koehl said...

Love the feel of the scene you have described - going to lunch with your Dad, the local library, etc. Things seem so much more impersonal these days, but this brings me back to my childhood and teenage years.

Dorene from Ohio said...


Thanks so much for stopping by....glad you enjoyed the trip down memory lane!!