Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Isaac Curtis Brewer, 1868-1933

According to his death certificate, Isaac Curtis Brewer IV was born on January 29, 1968 to Isaac Curtis Brewer III and Sarah Morton Brewer in Conneaut, Ohio.Often known by his initials, I.C. Brewer was a graduate of Cornell. He was trained both as a civil engineer and a chemist. For twenty one years, I.C. Brewer IV worked for the Jarecki Chemical Company. Later he held positions with the American Crayon Company, and the Erie County Highway Department. In 1893, I.C. Brewer IV married Annette Fitch. The couple divorced. Following the divorce, Annette Fitch Brewer left Sandusky with her young son, Isaac Curtis Brewer V. She wrote a book which chronicled her cross country adventure, as well as the child custody dispute.

By 1920. Isaac Curtis Brewer IV had married Martha Anthony. They were living in Sandusky with Isaac Curtis Brewer V, who was age 20 at the time of the 1920 U.S. Census. On June 29, 1933, I.C. Brewer IV fell to his death in Sandusky Bay, near Battery Park. Dr. John Yochem reported that Mr. Brewer, who had a history of heart trouble, had either suffered a stroke and fell into the bay,or else he had slipped and fell into the bay to his death. Funeral arrangements were handled by the Charles J. Andrews Sons' Funeral Home. Burial was at Oakland Cemetery. Active pallbearers for I.C. Brewer IV were: Chester Wagner, F. E. Brumbaugh, Curtis Schaufelberger, W. J. Schaub, Ed Knopf, and William Neumister. Honorary pallbearers were: W. A. Bishop, E. W. Altstaetter, F. E. Alvord, Dr. Charles Merz, Dr. J. K. Douglas, Dr. L. R. Mylander, C. B. Wilcox, George C. Matthes, August Kuebeler, Phil Beery, Carey W. Hord, A.M. Spore, Hewson L. Peeke, John F. Hertlein, John D. Mack, and C. Webb Sadler. A lengthy obituary for I.C. Brewer IV is found in the 1933 OBITUARY NOTEBOOK, housed at the Sandusky Library. A Masonic emblem is found on his tombstone at Oakland Cemetery.

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