Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sentimental Sunday: Print from the Parker Farm House

My mother told me that the print pictured above was located on the wall of the the living room of her paternal grandparents, Leroy and Ada Parker, at their farm house in Perkins Township. My great grandparents, Leroy and Ada (Steen) Parker were married on March 3, 1901, in Perkins Township, at the "old brick church," which was Methodist. They moved to this farm house shortly after their wedding.

In the Spring of 1941, several Perkins Township farms were purchased by the United States Government, in order to make way for a munitions factory needed for World War Two. Later this land was the site of NASA's Plum Brook Station. Grandpa Roy and Grandma Ada moved to an apartment on Washington Street in Sandusky, and they took their print, which Mom always called "End of Day," with them to their Sandusky home.

The Parker grandchildren never forgot playing at the farm, and they missed all the parties, holiday gatherings, and picnics that once took place with their extended family at the Parker farm. (For a closer view of the Parker cousins, click here.)


FieldhDJ said...

I have the same print - I bought it around 1995 at a yard sale near Oxford, Pennsylvania. I have been searching for information on the print for some time. I also call it "End Of The Day".

I enjoy your blog very much.

Dorene from Ohio said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!