Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Share Your Stories and Photos

The pictures above were mailed to me via the U.S. mail by my cousin Debbie in Nevada. (See a larger view of these photos here). In the top photo, pictured are: Front: left,Ray Furney; right, Fred Yeager. In the back are: Florence Furney at left, and then: Norma Yeager Ernst Gruhlke, Julia Orshoski, Dorothy Yeager Orshoski, and Joseph Orshoski.

In the bottom picture in the back row, from left to right are: Martha Schweighart, Florence Furney, Julia and Joseph Orshoski, and Marge Green Yeager. In the front row, people we know are: front left, Ed Schweighart, unknown man smoking, Norma Gruhlke, the gal next to the man smoking; and the two adults next to the dog are Fred Yeager and his younger sister Dorothy Yeager Orshoski. We do not know the name of the man standing with his arm around Norma, or the names of the two little boys by the dog.

We do not know the occasion of this gathering, and several individuals remain unidentified. However, after an email from my dad's cousin Janet in Florida, we now know that the pictures were taken at the home of Nick and Dorothy Yeager Orshoski at their Adams Avenue home in Huron, Ohio and the little dog was named Trixie.

With the ease of pressing a few buttons on the computer, I was able to share the photos that Debbie had in Nevada, with our mutual relative Janet in Florida. We didn't uncover all the mysteries associated with these images, but we now a bit more about those Yeager/Orshoski family members in Huron, Ohio so long ago! Use your computer to share stories, images, and documents with your cousins online. I love the computer age!

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Harriet said...

I agree it is wonderful to share family photos. We can all enjoy the pictures and learn more about our families.