Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Harris H. Gregg

Harris Hibbard Gregg was born in Ohio in 1831. Philander Gregg was an early Mayor of Sandusky, but at this time, we do not know how Harris and Philander Gregg may be connected.

Marriage records from FamilySearch indicate that Harris H. Gregg married Amelia Hemenway on November 16, 1859 at the Grace Episcopal Church in Buffalo, New York. By 1870, the Harris H. Gregg family was living in Cheboygan County, Michigan, where Harris worked at a sawmill. Harris and Amelia had three young children at this time, Helen, Harris Jr., and Cecil. Helen and Harris had been born in New York State, and Cecil, an infant, was born in Michigan. By 1880, Harris and Amelia and their family were living in Chicago, Illinois, where Harris Sr. was the manager of a hotel.

Harris H. Gregg died in St. Louis, Missouri in March of 1899. His obituary appeared in the March 9, 1889 issue of the Sandusky Register. The remains of Mr. Gregg were sent by the Big Four train from St. Louis to Sandusky, Ohio. The funeral for Harris H. Gregg was held at the home of Samuel J. Catherman on Fulton Street. The newspaper article reported that Mr. Gregg's body was dressed in a fine linen robe, with a cluster of palm leaves and white roses laid over his feet, "as one treading in victory the Jordan River of death."

A seminary classmate of Rev. Harris H. Gregg, Jr., the Rev. Clement Martin, led in prayer at the funeral, while Rev. Gregg read a scripture passage at his father's gravesite in Oakland Cemetery. Harris H. Gregg was survived by his son, Rev. Harris H. Gregg, Jr.,daughter Helen Gregg, and son Cecil Dudley Gregg. Rev. Gregg was a well respected minister, and Cecil D. Gregg was a prosperous merchant in St. Louis. The St. Louis Street Index lists a Gregg Avenue as being named for Cecil D. Gregg. Daughter Helen was as student at the Moody Bible Institute at the time of her father's death.

Though we do not know a lot of details about Harris H. Gregg, Sr., it is clear that he was adventurous, indicated by his living in several different states throughout his life. His children had successful lives, and that is most likely due in part to the family values and work ethic they experienced while growing up in the household of Harris and Amelia Hemenway Gregg.

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