Thursday, April 29, 2010

Carol Ann Parker

Carol Ann Parker was the second child of Glenn and Florence Lindsley Parker, born on July 28, 1934. Little Carol Ann died of pneumonia when she was only nine months and one day old, on April 29, 1935. She was buried in the Parker family lot at Perkins Cemetery. Carol's parents and big brother were so saddened by her death. Her picture had just recently appeared in the Sandusky Daily News for a baby contest. Besides her immediate family, Carol Ann Parker was survived by her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Parker and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lindsley. Two of her great grandmothers were still living at the time of her death, Mrs. Marian Parker and Mrs. Sarah Steen.

This touching poem, saved by Mrs. Leroy Parker in a scrapbook of family momentos, was read at Carol's funeral at Trinity United Methodist Church. (Click for a larger view.)

Carol is pictured below with her parents and her brother Richard. A few years later, Glenn and Florence were blessed with another baby girl, Lois. Lois was the delight of her family, and she brought them much joy in the years to come.

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