Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weier Mausoleum at Oakland Cemetery

At Oakland Cemetery is a mausoleum which honors the memory of the Weier family. Brothers John and Henry Weier operated a scrapyard on Hancock Street in Sandusky for many years. After both brothers died in 1925, John's son J. Leroy Weier, who was known as Leroy, took over operation of the scrapyard. Leroy was also associated with the Lake Shore Tire Company, along with Fred Brost. Leroy Weier was a prosperous businessman, and an avid outdoorsman. After Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Weier's death,their estate, which totalled over a half million dollars, was divided among the three Sandusky hospitals, as well as the Firelands Council of Boy Scouts, Firelands Council of Camp Fire Girls, and the Sandusky Y.M.C.A.

The Weier Mausoleum holds the remains of eight family members:

J. Leroy Weier, 1888-1971
his wife Laura Weier, 1889-1972

his parents, John Weier, 1858-1925
and Augusta Weier, 1860-1951

his uncle, Henry Weier, 1867-1925
and aunt, Elizabeth Weier, 1874-1954

his sister Ernestine Weier Waldock,1900-1962
and his brother-in-law William L. Waldock, 1902-1980

The back wall of the mausoleum features a lovely stained glass window.
See this blog posting at the Sandusky History website for photographs of J. Leroy Weier and the Weier scrapyard.

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