Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Grace Barney

In the IGI portion of FamilySearch we read that Grace Barney was born in Erie County, Ohio, in 1870, to George Lawrence and Katharine Norton Barney. Little Grace died at the age of one year and three months, on September 6, 1871. She was buried at Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery.

The front of Grace's tombstone is adorned with a lamb, and the inscription:

Of such is the kingdom of heaven

Along the top of this little one's tombstone are the words Our Darling Gracie.

At the bottom of Grace's tombstone the names of the men who carved her tombstone can be read: P. and J. Hornig.

By reading the back of Grace Barney's tombstone, it appears that her middle name was her mother's maiden name.

Losing little Grace Barney at such a young age must have brought much sorrow to her parents. She passed away over one hundred years ago, but the loving words that her parents chose to have inscribed on her tombstone are still visible, and we can get a sense of their deep loss by viewing her lovely monument.

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lindalee said...

I know what you mean when viewing tombstones of young children. So sorrowful and the messages are so meaningful. The tombstone of my gggg grandmother has the carver's name and town and state at the bottom. She died in 1836. It's something I haven't seen too often.