Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Adam and Eleanor Davis Montgomery

Adam Montgomery and his wife Eleanor Davis Montgomery are buried in Oakland Cemetery. A lovely monument honors their memory. The listing for Adam Montgomery in McKelvey's Sandusky City Directory, states that Adam Montgomery was a marble cutter who resided on Second Street, in Camptown,an area of Sandusky located on the eastern side of the city. Adam Montgomery died on September 15, 1899, and Eleanor Davis Montgomery died on March 23, 1896. A verse at the base of the stone reads:

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Rev. 14:13

Oak leaves are found above the inscription. Oak leaves can symbolize faith or maturity.

On the side of the Montgomery tombstone which faces toward the west is an epitaph that appears to be in Latin, but I cannot read it clearly. I think it may be the Latin phrase for Rest in Peace.

While census records indicate that Adam Montgomery was born in Scotland, his tombstone states that he was born in Money More, County Derry, Ireland in 1824.

It is difficult to read Mrs. Montgomery's inscription, but it states that Eleanor Davis was the wife of Adam Montgomery.

I am curious to know if Adam created his own monument, since he was a marble cutter, or if his son, Robert Davis Montgomery, also in the marble business, created it. It truly is an artistic monument which makes a clear statement of the couples' faith.

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