Saturday, June 22, 2013

Boeckling Monument: "The Lord is Loving Unto Every Man"

Though I have seen the Boeckling monument at Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery so very many times, recently I noticed a lovely inscription at the top of the monument above the columns, visible when you view the monument while facing north.

The inscription reads: "THE LORD IS LOVING UNTO EVERY MAN"

George A. Boeckling,who greatly improved the Cedar Point Amusement Park in the early part of the twentieth century, was buried in the Front Hill section of Oakland Cemetery after he died on July 24, 1931. After his sister Elizabeth A. Boeckling died, on October 15, 1948, she too was laid to rest in the Front Hill section of Oakland.

If you ever visit Sandusky, Ohio, stop by Oakland Cemetery to view this majestic monument.


PalmsRV said...

Majestic is a good description, Dorene.

Dorene from Ohio said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!