Wednesday, July 7, 2010

G. A. Boeckling

George A. Boeckling
was a salesman and a real estate agent. He was born in Indiana in 1862. In 1897 he became general manger of the newly formed Cedar Point Pleasure Resort Company in Sandusky, Ohio. Under Boeckling’s leadership, Cedar Point was transformed from a summer picnic area to a thriving amusement park, attracting visitors from miles away. Mr. Boeckling spent several decades expanding the amusement park, adding flower gardens, rides, and several hotels. Customers flocked to Cedar Point during the summer seasons under Boeckling’s management. They came by the interurban, the Pennsylvania Railroad, and by steamship. Starting in 1908 the steamer G.A. Boeckling started providing local transportation between the city of Sandusky and Cedar Point.

In 1922 the Sandusky Register called him “the man who made Cedar Point.” George A. Boeckling died July 24, 1931, and is buried at Oakland Cemetery.

This portrait of G. A. Boeckling is located in the lobby of the Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point.

Click on the image below to see how the Hotel Breakers appeared in 1905. This painting is also found in the lobby of the Hotel Breakers.

The steamer, the G.A. Boeckling, was named after Cedar Point's general manager. It took passengers across Sandusky Bay, from the city of Sandusky to Cedar Point, from about 1908 through 1952.

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