Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thaddeus B. Hurd Digital Archive

The Thaddeus B. Hurd Digital Archive is a digital of collection of photographs and documents relating to the history of Clyde, Ohio. The Thaddeus B. Hurd Digital Archive is a part of the Ohio Historical Society’s Ohio Memory Project. To access the collection,
visit the Clyde Public Library at this url:

Scroll down the page, and click on the phrase Thaddeus B. Hurd Digital Archive. Once you are there, you can do a search in the search box.

A search for McPherson Cemetery results in several “hits” which include postcards, photographs, and several historical documents all which feature information about McPherson Cemetery.

A search for circuit riders retrieves the full text of the Directory of the Vickery Charge from 1902. Included in the directory is a brief history of the Methodist Circuit in the Clyde and Vickery area.

When you search for Thaddeus Hurd, you will find several objects that were donated by the local historian for whom the project has been named.

Have fun exploring the Thaddeus B. Hurd Digital Archive!

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