Friday, March 9, 2012

Jabez Wright, 1848-1912

THE HISTORY OF THE WESTERN RESERVE tells us that Jabez Wright was a son of Douglas Wright and Miranda Smith Wright, born in 1848 in Huron, Ohio. The grandfather of Jabez Wright, whose name also was Jabez Wright, came to Ohio from Connecticut in the early 1800's. He became a judge for Huron County. Judge Wright's home served as a station for the Underground Railroad of the Firelands. Douglas Wright and father were both very anti-slavery in their views.

In 1868, the younger Jabez Wright married Isabelle Kirby, a daughter of Captain and Mrs. A. A. Kirby. Jabez Wright died on March 12, 1912. His obituary in the March 14, 1912 Sandusky Register reported that Jabez Wright was "one of the oldest and most esteemed citizens of Huron." He was prominent in Masonic circles. Mr. Wright was survived by his wife and two sons. Jabez and Isabelle Wright are buried in Scott Cemetery.

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