Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Charles W. Zollinger, Undertaker

This advertisement for Charles W. Zollinger, Undertaker, appeared in the March 14, 1867 issue of the Sandusky Daily Register. Mr. Zollinger stated that he had coffins and caskets of several different sizes, and made from many different materials, for the rich and poor alike. He also sold cabinets and furniture. In 1860 he moved his business one block north of his original place of business, to the corner of Wayne and Market Streets.

Hewson L. Peeke wrote in his 1916 edition of the book A STANDARD HISTORY OF ERIE COUNTY, that Charles W. Zollinger was born in Weisbaden, Germany on July 23, 1813. He emigrated to the United States, and settled in Sandusky, Ohio. He opened a shop on the east side of Wayne street, north of Washington Street, and he conducted business there as an undertaker and furniture maker. He married Christine Schmidt (sometimes spelled Smith.) They had a family of ten children. Charles W. Zollinger died on May 6, 1867. He and his wife are buried at Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery. Mrs. Zollinger passed away in September of 1889.

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