Friday, March 2, 2012

Charles Barney, 1812-1849

According to the Pedigree Resource File at FamilySearch, Charles Barney was the son of Throop Barney and Sally Richmond Danforth Barney, born in 1812 in Kingsbury, New York. In the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PHILADELPHIA HISTORY, available full text at the Internet Archive, we read that Charles Barney was originally from New York, and later became a grain merchant in Sandusky, Ohio. Mr. Barney was known for "his charity and philanthropy." Sadly, Charles Barney died at age 37 years of age, during Sandusky's cholera epidemic in 1849. The widow of Charles Barney was Elizabeth Caldwell Dennis Barney. Charles Barney is buried in the North Ridge section of Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery.

The son of Charles and Elizabeth Barney was Charles Dennis Barney, who married the daughter of Jay Cooke, Laura E. Cooke. Charles Dennis Barney worked with his father in law in the banking business, and later was co-founder of Smith, Barney & Co. While the elder Charles Barney died as a young man, his son Charles Dennis Barney lived until the age of 101.

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