Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mrs. Sarah Farwell

The Pedigree Resource File of Family Search tells us that Sarah Cooke (sometimes spelled Cook) was the daughter of Asaph and Thankful Parker Cooke. Sarah was born in 1790/1791. She was the sister of Eleutheros Cooke, and the aunt of Civil War financier Jay Cooke.

Sarah Cooke married Moors Farwell in 1819, and died on February 28, 1827. Sarah is buried in the North Monroeville Cemetery, which is maintained by the Ridgefield Township Board of Trustees in Huron County. Moors Farwell, who was the first Mayor of Sandusky, married again, and have several children. Moors Farwell died in 1850, and he is buried in Oakland Cemetery.

Buried near Sarah Cooke Farwell are several members of the Cooke family. In the early days, North Monroeville was known as Cooks' Corners or Four Corners.

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