Thursday, February 9, 2012

John G. Peebles, Grave digger at Oakland Cemetery

According to his death certificate, available at Family Search, John G. Peebles was employed as a grave digger at Oakland Cemetery. He was the son of Arthur and Mary (Hoag) Peebles, having been born in Sandusky, Ohio on November 12, 1853. He died on August 26, 1916, after having suffered a cerebral hemorrhage that affected his mobility, speech, sight, and hearing. The birthplace of both of the parents of John G. Peebles was listed as Ireland on his death certificate. Microfilmed copies of Oakland Cemetery interment cards indicate that Mr. Peebles was buried in Lot 8 of Block 52 at Oakland Cemetery, but today no stone remains for John G. Peebles.

Sadly, John G. Peebles outlived two wives. His first wife, the former Hattie Wright (sometimes listed as Libbie, died on December 26, 1882. The tombstone of Hattie Peebles is also located in Lot 8, Block 52 of Oakland Cemetery.

(Note: Though the tombstone of Hattie Peebles reads 1883, records at Oakland Cemetery state that Hattie died in 1882.)

Erie County Probate Court records show that John G. Peebles married Maggie Senf on July 7, 1884. Mrs. Maggie Peebles passed away at the age of 43, on October 19, 1897. She was buried at Oakland Cemetery.

It seems so sad to me that John G. Peebles went to Oakland Cemetery to dig graves, during his employment as a city employee, and then he had to bury two wives whose lives ended before their time. Mr. Peebles' life was associated with Oakland Cemetery in many ways, for many years.

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