Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mrs. Polly Cook

In an online site about the History of Yakima Valley we read that the second Asaph Cook (sometimes spelled Cooke) married Mary Stewart. An entry from the Stewart Clan Magazine lets us know that Mary Stewart was also known as Polly Stewart.

Polly Stewart was the wife of the Asaph Cook whose parents were Asaph Cook and Thankful Parker. Polly's husband Asaph was born on March 23, 1871, and he died in North Monroeville, Ohio on August 2, 1842. Mrs. Polly Stewart Cook died on February 5, 1826. She is buried in the North Monroeville Cemetery in Huron County, Ohio. The inscription at the base of her grave marker reads:

Her race is run, her rest is sweet,
Her views divine, her bliss complete:
This, this alone, her husband cheers,
And joy wipes off the briny tear.


Nancy said...

Dorene, some of your local cemeteries have the most beautiful gravestones! While I don't always comment, I certainly enjoy looking at them. Thanks for sharing.

Dorene from Ohio said...

Thanks for stopping by Nancy! It is so fun to find interesting stones and stories in our area cemeteries!