Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Great Great Grandpa's Name Was Listed in the J's and Not the Y's

When I first began to learn more about my Dad's Yeager line, I found this obituary of my great great grandfather Lawrence Yeager, who died on August 16, 1911. The obituary appeared in the August 17, 1911 issue of the Sandusky Register.

Lawrence Yeager

The death of Lawrence Yeager occurred at the family residence, 208 Pierce Street, Wednesday afternoon at 1:45 o'clock. He was sixty four years and six days of age. Mr. Yeager who has resided here for the past thirty years, was struck by an automobile at the corner of Market and Jackson Streets about four weeks ago, but it is not known whether or not this contributed to his death.

As I looked for his name in the Sandusky City Directories, I did not find him listed in the surnames that began with Y. It occurred to me that maybe I should check the surnames that started with J. His name and address were on page 131 of the Williams' Sandusky Directory for 1900-1901. He lived at 208 Pierce Street at this time, with his second wife Catharine.

Hundreds of German immigrants settled in Erie County, Ohio, and I was familiar the name Schmidt being later known as Smith, and Mueller being Americanized to Miller, but in this case the spelling difference occurred at the first letter of the surname. Our ancestors can keep us on our toes!

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