Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ferdinand Geiersdorf Monument at Oakland Cemetery

Ferdinand Geiersdorf served as Sandusky's Mayor from 1863 to 1867. He married Amelia Boehm. (Amelia's first name is sometimes spelled Amalia.) THE HISTORY OF ERIE COUNTY, OHIO, edited by Lewis Cass Aldrich, states about Ferdinand Geiersdorf: "In her sixteenth year Amalia was married to Ferdinand Geiersdorf, who became one of the most popular Germans in Sandusky, and was elected mayor repeatedly by a rousing popular vote. He accumulated great wealth in the fish business ; his goodness was proverbial. He died September 22, 1870, lamented by all who knew the kindness of his heart."

After the death of Ferdinand Geiersdorf, Amelia married Louis Adolph, who also was involved in the fish business. Louis and Amelia Adolph appear in the 1880 Census with their two daughters, Clara and Bertha, as well as two servants, Ann Heinsburg and Jacob Johns. Amelia Geiersdorf Adolph passed away on February 9, 1888. Above Amelia's name on the monument is the name of Amelia's daughter, Bertha Adolph, 1876-1976.

Two other names are inscribed on the Geiersdorf monument. Amelia's second husband, Louis Adolph, died on September 3, 1917. Amelia's mother, Caroline Fehrenz, was born in Saxony on November 19, 1815, and she died in Sandusky on January 12, 1870.

At the base of the Ferdinand Geiersdorf monument is the surname spelled in upper case letters which resemble the shape and texture of tree branches.

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