Monday, January 3, 2011

Gustav Jarecki

Gustav Jarecki, the founder of Jarecki Chemical Company, died on January 12, 1915. Mr. Jarecki’s obituary, which appeared in the Sandusky Register of January 13, 1915 stated that he had a “long and honored career.” Gustav Jarecki had been born in Prussia in 1829. (Some sources state 1826.)

He was captain of a cavalry unit in his native land, while during the United States Civil War, he organized an artillery unit based in Erie, Pennsylvania. During President Grant’s administration Mr. Jarecki was appointed the U.S. consul to Augsburg, Germany. Mr. Jarecki organized the Jarecki Chemical Company at Erie, Pennsylvania in 1878. In 1893 the Jarecki Chemical Works opened a plant at Sandusky, Ohio.

Mrs. Dorothea Jarecki had died before her husband, in February of 1914. Gustav Jarecki was survived by two daughters, two sons, and several grandchildren. He was buried at Oakland Cemetery, following funeral services held at the Jarecki residence.

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