Sunday, December 12, 2010

Grandpa Charles Steen’s Horse Named Hester Belle

In Google Books, I came across my Great Great Grandfather’s name in conjunction with a horse he owned in the 1890’s. Great Great Grandpa Steen's name was Charles F. Steen, but he often went by C. F. Steen. The publication in which I located Grandpa Steen's name was entitled Wallace’s AMERICAN TROTTING REGISTER, and the listing appeared in Volume XI, and was dated 1892. Printing was by the John Morris Company of Chicago, Illinois.

Here is the listing for Hester Belle from Wallace’s American Trotting Register:

Hester Belle was a chestnut mare who was foaled (born) in 1891. The sire (father) was Strathbridge, and the dam (mother) was Ophelia. Ophelia was the product of the union between Strathmore and Zora. Hester Belle was bred by C. F. Steen. I do not have much experience in interpreting the pedigrees of animal, but after seeing the movie Secretariat, I can understand the excitement connected with a new foal, and the implications of having an impressive blood line. Here is the C.F. Steen family in the early 1900’s.

I only wish I could ask Grandpa Steen some questions about his experiences with horses back on his farm in Perkins Township!

Many thanks to the U.S. Trotting Association and my co-worker Karen for helping me to interpret Hester Belle's listing in Wallace's AMERICAN TROTTING REGISTER.


M. Diane Rogers said...

What a great find! If he showed or raced his horses, you might find something in a newspaper later too.

Nancy said...

This is just my kind of find: to put an ancestor in a particular place with some specific information about his life's activity. Fabulous! It's wonderful that you found him in the registry and even better that you have a photograph of him and his family from about the same time period. Lucky you!

lindalee said...

How exciting! I love google books....I have found numerous references to my ancesstors through their search engine. Congrats.