Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Capt. John W. Manning

In Volume 3 of HISTORY OF THE WESTERN RESERVE, by Harriet Taylor Upton, we read that John W. Manning was born in Miami County, Ohio, on February 23, 1827, to Nathaniel and Sarah (Line) Manning. In 1861, John W. Manning enlisted in Company I of the 20th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He also served in Company D, according the to Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System. Eventually, John W. Manning rose to the rank of Captain during his service in the 20th O.V.I. Four of John's brothers also served in the 20th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Elias Manning died during the war in LaGrange, Tennessee in April of 1863.

John W. Manning lived in several different places in Ohio. In the 1850 U.S. Census, John W. Manning was age 23, and living in Shelby County, Ohio. Nancy Jane Manning, age 19, was also residing in the Manning household. In 1860, John and Jane Manning were still living in Shelby County, Ohio, along with children Edmund, age 9, and Minnetta, age 2. In the 1870 Census, John W. Manning was living in Hardin County, Ohio. Also in the family at this time were listed Annie, age 23, and Edmund, age 19. By 1880, John W. Manning was age 53, and living in Hardin County, Ohio. In this particular census year, John's wife was listed as Salema Manning, age 40. By 1900, John W. Manning was age 73, and was married to Martha Manning. They were living in Sandusky, in Erie County, Ohio.

Mrs. Upton wrote in HISTORY OF THE WESTERN RESERVE that J. W. Manning supported the Republican party in his political views. He had to be taken to the polls in an invalid chair to cast his vote for William Howard Taft in the 1908 election. John W. Manning died on December 30, 1909. He was buried in Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery.

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