Thursday, January 3, 2013

George F. and Emma House Supner

According to records available at Family Search Labs, George F. Supner and Emma House were married on September 17, 1869 in Sandusky, Ohio. George was the son of David and Eliza Supner, and Emma was the daughter of Norris and Angeline Carpender/Carpenter House. In the 1880 U.S. Census, George and Emma Supner were living in Clyde, Ohio, with their three daughters, Grace, Maud, and Mabel. George stated this his occupation was "bracket manufacturer," though later records indicate that George Supner was in the furniture and undertaking business.

The Civil War Soldiers Database, from the R.B. Hayes Presidential Center features a photograph of George F. Supner. On March 3, 1865, George F. Supner enlisted as a private in Company C on the 196th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He was later promoted to 1st Sergeant.

George F. Supner passed away on February 11, 1916. Mrs. Emma Supner died on August 13, 1922. Mr. and Mrs. Supner are buried at McPherson Cemetery in Clyde, Ohio. Mrs. Supner was the the granddaughter of Julius House, whose family came from Glastonbury, Connecticut to Erie County, Ohio in 1815 by oxen train. You can read about the travels of the families of Julius House and his twin sister, Julia House Taylor, in the June 1865 issue of the Firelands Pioneer, which is available at most larger libraries in northern Ohio.

In 1892, author Sherwood Anderson wrote a letter to Miss Mabel Supner, the daughter of George F. and Emma Supner. The letter is now a part of the Thaddeus B. Hurd Collection at the R.B. Hayes Presidential Center.


wendy said...

Thanks for posting about this couple! Always on the look out for info on our mutual House ancestors & collaterals! Happy New Year, Dorene!

Dorene from Ohio said...

Wendy - I am so glad to have found another House descendant online! Happy New Year to you too!