Saturday, January 26, 2013

Elmer Sleeps

According to records in the book ERIE COUNTY, OHIO CEMETERY CENSUS BEFORE 1909, Elmer E. Center died on January 26, 1865. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Center, and he was aged 3 years, 5 months, and 6 days at the time of his death. A beautiful dove is found on the tombstone of Elmer E. Center, under which are the words:


A four line inscription is found at the base of the tombstone for young Elmer. I could only read a few words in the second, third, and fourth row of words. The words I could decipher are:

.....pass at the pearly gates
....with weary aching heart
....where our darling waits

This beautiful monument which honors the memory of a beloved little boy is such a fitting tribute. Elmer E. Center is buried in Block 58 of Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery, near several other members of the Center family.

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