Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Steen L. Parker

Steen Leroy Parker was the second child born to Leroy and Ada Steen Parker in January, 1908. He worked on the family farm in Perkins Township for many years, and later was employed by Esmond Dairy and Apex, an appliance manufacturing company in Sandusky. During World War Two, Steen Parker served with the Seabees, primarily in England.

Steen Parker married Doris Wheeler in 1927. They had three children, Steen Thomas Parker, and daughters Joyce and Sally. Doris passed away in 1943. Steen married Ruth Renwand in 1944, and they had children Patricia and Charles.

Steen Parker was known for his sense of humor. Steen L. Parker died May 10, 1949, shortly before daughter Joyce's high school graduation. He left five children and two grandchildren. Steen Parker is buried in the Parker family lot at Perkins Cemetery.

Steen and Doris Parker are seen here in the mid 1920's.

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